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Sorry, no classes in this category. If you are interested in a specific class, please email us.

However, past course offerings include:

English for Practical Purposes
General TOEFL Standard Essay Writing
Trabajas en construccion/Construction Talk
Passport to Mexico: Chiles en Nogada 8612
Passport to Mexico: Mole Poblano 8610
Creditos 1479
Impuestos 1478
La Imagen es Importante 1476
Literatura y Espanol I
Literatura y Espanol II
Negocios Online 1480
Publicidad 1477
Redaccion en Espanol II 1480
Social Media 1481
Direct & Indirect Objects 2552
EFL Conversation I
EFL Grammar I 7888
EFL Writing I 7886
Future & Conditional 2554
Gustar Family 2557
Preterit & Imperfect Pt 1 2555
Preterit & Imperfect Pt 2 2556
Ser & Estar for Beginners I 2550
Ser & Estar for Beginners II 2551
Subjunctive Pt 1 2560
Subjunctive Pt 2 2561
The Passive Voice 2559
Understanding Haber 2558
Understanding Por & Para 2553
Redaccion en Espanol I 1474
Preparacion para Certificacion de CFC en Espa¤ol
EFL Conversation II
TOEFL Preparation
From Culture Shock to Cultural Insight
Accent and Pronunciation Coaching for ESL Speakers Level 1
The Road to TOEFL iBT
Expanding Reading and Vocabulary
ESL/ABE Expanding Reading and Vocabulary
ESL/ABE Integrating Career Awareness
Accent Reduction and English Pronunciation
Beginner English (Low)
Beginner English (High)
Intermediate English (Low)
Advanced English
American Accent Reduction and Culture
English Movie Club! Learn Pronunciation through Film
Pronounce and Speak English with Confidence!
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