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Adult Evening Education seated classes are not offered. However, our online classes, taught by local instructors are available for registration. You can also explore our vendor offered online classes with over 800 class options:

Teachers can visit to view our teacher professional development classes.

About Adult Evening Education

Adult Evening Education is a part of Wake County Public School System's Lifelong Learning with Community Schools program. We offer a wide category of classes in many subjects to anyone aged 16 and above. Our program is unique in its longevity, state-of-the-art facilities, accessibility, product and service diversity, access to resources, and educational value.

Register now and discover your potential!

On-Site and Online Class Offerings

View Adult Evening Education On-Site and Online class offerings in multiple ways.

On-Site Catalog:

♦ Online Searchable Catalog: View our available classes in the online searchable catalog.
♦ Digital Catalog: View our digital class catalog online.
♦ Printed Catalog: Catalogs are available in local Wake County libraries and any WCPSS school.

Online Classes:

♦ Online Classes Website: To view our Online Classes, visit

Online Career Training Programs:

♦ Online Career Training Programs Website: To view our Online Career Training Program, visit

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All About Teacher CEUs

In just a few easy steps, a public school teacher can register for a class and earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for licensure renewal.
Learn how to take an On-Site CEU class or an Online Classes CEU class.
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Our On-Site Locations

Strategically located throughout the county, Adult Evening Education is available at seven adult learning community schools sites. To contact or visit the schools, view site information and directions. You may also see the Community Schools Map for an aerial view.
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Course Offerings

Want to learn a new continuing education skill, but don't see it offered? Email us and let us know.