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For more than thirty five years, Community Schools, a section of Community Services has made school facilities available for community activities.

Community Use of school facilities includes all events and activities that are presented by groups not sponsored by the school system or by school-sponsored groups holding an event or activity at a school site other than where that group is based.

The school system also encourages reciprocal long-term partnerships with the community for public and private use and improvement of Wake County facilities.

For more information, please email us.
Telephone: Community Schools - Community Use: 919-694-0561

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To receive a refund or request a credit transfer, a written cancelation, revision, or change request must be submitted by the User Group or School to Community Schools 15 business days prior to the event date.

Refund requests may be emailed to a Community Schools—Community Use staff member listed in the Contact Us section.

Please see FAQ for Community Use for additional information.

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Reservation requests must be submitted using Community Schools Online Reservation System.

A CSUID Number and PASSWORD are needed to access the system.


Prior to Advertising

Community Use events require a signed rental agreement prior to advertising.

Insurance Certificate

The Certificate of Insurance must list "Wake County Board of Education" as Certificate Holder and Additional Insured.

Certificate of Insurance

The renter's current certificate of insurance is required to be on file ten business days prior to the event.