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Online Request Instructions
Steps for User Groups to Request Space at a WCPSS School Site Download (doc, 50kb)

Go to Community Services web-site:

At this point, you should be logged-in. If you need assistance, click "Contact Us" for e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

To request space at a WCPSS school facility:
Click the Reservation Requests Tab (at the top)
Click Add New Reservation Request

Click next button (located above user group name) to select spaces.

Click Add New Space

Click the next button (located above the user group name) to move on to the select equipment step.

Click Add New Equipment

Click the next button (located above the user group name) to move on to the payment-in-kind step.

Payment in kind section. For User Groups submitting an in-kind request to do field maintenance thus reducing rental costs.
Click Add New In-Kind Request, if appropriate.

Click the next button to move on to the final step.

When done, click the Log Out button at the top of the page.

    Check out the:
    • My Info tab to be sure the contact information is correct. E-mail changes to Community Schools.
    • Reservations tab - gives history and status of reservations with links to confirmations and invoices.
    • If you do not complete in one sitting, save the request as a 'Work in Progress.'
    • Remember to indicate Ready to Submit when the request is complete, or we'll assume it's still being worked upon.
    Let us know if you have questions or suggestions. Thanks.

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Reservation requests must be submitted using Community Schools Online Reservation System.

A CSUID Number and PASSWORD are needed to access the system.


Prior to Advertising

Community Use events require a signed rental agreement prior to advertising.

Insurance Certificate

The Certificate of Insurance must list "Wake County Board of Education" as Certificate Holder and Additional Insured.

Certificate of Insurance

The renter's current certificate of insurance is required to be on file ten business days prior to the event.