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Do You Want to Become an Adult Evening Education Instructor?

If you have a hobby or a skill you would like to share, you are eligible to teach in the Lifelong Learning with Community Schools Adult Evening Education program. No degree is necessary, just a desirable level of expertise in your field.

We invite all interested persons to apply, but we are currently seeking continuing education providers for these Lifelong Learning with Community Schools courses:

 Floral Arranging
 Interior Design

To find out more about the requirements for teaching in the Lifelong Learning with Community Schools program, see our Adult Evening Education Instructor Guidelines.

Apply as an instructor using one of two methods:

 Online: Enter your information directly into the online portal for quick entry.
 Print: Fill out the Course Intent Packet and email/fax/mail it in.

Need additional information?

Email the Adult Evening Education staff or call (919) 694-0559 for more information about teaching.

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