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How to Operate A Home-Based Bakery Micro Course

 Reedy Crk MS | 9/26 - 10/17 | Th, 6:30pm-9:00pm | $174 

Want to have a successful bakery all from the comforts of your home kitchen? North Carolina is one of several states that currently allow home-based bakers to bake from home and sell their baked goods to the public for a profit. Gain a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to 'bake' your dreams come true. Examine compliance regulations and the kitchen inspection process. Understand recipe development and packaging requirements. Discover the procedure of food storage, food safety, and sanitation. Master online sales and receive practical advertising suggestions and marketing strategies. Operating a home-based bakery is one way to see if your product is ready to go from 'the kitchen to the marketplace!'
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