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How to Start a Home-based Bakery Micro Course (Live Online)

 Online | 1/04 - 2/05 | Th, 7:00pm-8:00pm | $179 

The course is designed to give you basic information so you can learn the rules and regulations surrounding the sale of homemade foods in North Carolina. Ask lots of questions and keep an open mind. There are a variety of food products allowed. We all know there has been a rising demand for locally produced food across the United States. You happen to live in one of the best Cottage Food states in the U.S. Here in North Carolina, we do not call home-based food production Cottage Food Operations. You are known as Home Food Processors. Luckily food safety laws allow you to produce a number of low-risk foods. In this course, you will review the list of foods allowed, select a product if you don't already have on in mind, and learn what you need to start your home-based bakery business. The course will walk you through the home food processing requirements. Learn strategies for marketing, advertising, and finding your customers. You will learn about labeling and packaging your products. Operating a home-based bakery is not a get rich quick scheme. Running a bakery involves hard work and dedication. After completing the course, you will have the knowledge needed to complete the home inspection and start selling your homemade baked goods.