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Money & Banking @ Home

 Sanderson HS | 10/24 | Th, 6:45pm-9:15pm | $97 

From the invention of coins by the ancient Lydians to the 21st-century eurozone, human history tells the story of creative financial systems and the never-ending quest for economic solutions. But one thing remains clear: Money and banking plays a deep fundamental role in your life especially when you’re managing a family. In this course, learn strategies on how to save money with higher interest rates, create a BOSS Budget and leave with an electronic budget & debt elimination template file. Her shining moment has been helping single mothers and families in homeless shelters create their very first family budgeting tool. She looks forward to sharing her money and banking tips for you and your family’s financial success. To reserve your seat, please make payment at this link: ($drsandymitchell)
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