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Basic Stock Options Wealth Builder

 Wake Forest HS | 6/04 - 7/09 | T, 7:00pm-9:00pm | $195 
 Wake Forest HS | 11/05 - 12/10 | T, 7:00pm-9:00pm | $195 

Build your wealth in the stock market through the time-tested Fort Knox Trading System. In this captivating class, discover powerful techniques to transform your portfolio with profitable trades. Within reason, repair most stocks that have lost value. Generate monthly income, even from stocks that do not pay any dividend. Using Stock Options, capture the potential upside price appreciation in short-term stock, without even buying the stock. Bulletproof your stocks which you own for a guaranteed sale price when your stock loses value. Make additional money when long-term or the stock market crashes. Learn when to enter and exit any trade. Build your own precision Buy and Sell signals, and more. Master these techniques to manage your personal and retirement accounts without any outside help on your own.
Sam Doctor has more than 20 years experience teaching his students to build wealth through the stock market. Bring a pocket calculator and laptop (optional) to class.
Fees to be paid on the first day by Check or Cash: $195.00 for 6 weeks. $175 for Seniors Citizens and clergy. and $150.00 for active and retired Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Medics, Military and Government employees.
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