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Fred A. Olds

Frederick Augustus Olds Oct 12, 1853-July 2, 1935 "Father of the NC Museum of History" Believed to have been born in Pitt County, N.C., he attended school in Cary and later the Virginia Military School. Served in NC National Guard and State Guard moving in rank from private to quartermaster general (although he was known as "Colonel Olds") and held the post of state ordinance officer. Reporter for the Raleigh News and city editor for the News and Observer and contributed to several other publications. Began a campaign to collect historical artifacts which became the foundation for the "Hall of History," forerunner of the NC Museum of History. Conducted tours and field trips for NC school children and children's groups. An amateur historian but reportedly gifted storyteller, he was known for giving enthusiastic and animated presentations of historical artifacts if perhaps sacrificing factual accuracy in the process.
The Fred A Olds Elementary School was originally called the West Raleigh Grade school, and was renamed in honor of Olds in 1927.
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Photos courtesy NC Museum of Art

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