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Wake County Child Care Subsidy Program

Many families require both parents to work to meet the fiscal needs of the family. However, childcare costs can consume a hefty amount of the earned income defeating the purpose in both parents going to work in the first place. For this reason, the Wake County Child Care Subsidy Program exists.

The Wake County Child Care Subsidy Program assists eligible families by providing financial assistance for childcare needs and information regarding choosing and using childcare. The amount of assistance depends on need, income, and family size.

Eligibility for the program assistance is based on families meeting one or more of the below situations:

The program is funded by both federal and state sources and have a limited amount of assistance to offer. A waiting list is available for just such cases. You can learn more by calling 919-212-7052 (English) or 919-212-9285 (English, Spanish) or emailing