Discover the Benefits of Becoming an NC Notary

Why would I become a notary?

You can enhance your professional career, serve the public as a trusted public official, and earn additional income. Notaries work in a variety of professions including court reporters, paralegals, attorneys, mobile notaries, bankers, and increasingly as signing agents within the mortgage industry.

What do NC Notaries do?

Notaries witness signatures on a variety of high value and important business and professional documents. Some specific tasks include administering oaths and affirmations related to affidavits, taking acknowledgments, inventorying abandoned safe deposit boxes, and notarizing absentee voter ballots.

Steps to becoming a notary:

STEP 1: Purchase the "2016 North Carolina Notary Public Manual."

STEP 2: Take a 6-hour notary course.
(The classes offered through Adult Evening Education.)

STEP 3: Pass the final exam with at least 80%.

STEP 4: Submit a notarized application along with a $50 fee.

STEP 5: Take the Oath of Office at the Register of Deeds office.

STEP 6: Obtain a notary seal and a notary journal.

Watch this video for more details:

What advice would benefit a newly licensed NC Notary?

Notaries have a statutory responsibility to protect the public from fraud and forgery and are often the last line of defense against document fraud. Notaries must follow the notary law to the letter without relying on their unauthorized independent judgment.

Notary Public Certification

Review the NC Notary website to ensure eligibility and requirements for the class.

Requirements: a current state or federal picture identification and prior book purchase of 'North Carolina Notary Public Manual, 2016' ISBN: 9781560118510.

Prepay for class with credit or debit card via PayPal: cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_ id=JS338K62NCNCW

Electronic Notary Public Certification

Enhance your notary services with paperless transactions.

Attend a one-night "Electronic Notary Public Certification" class.
*Must be current NC Notary.

Prepay for class with credit or debit card via PayPal: