Site Coordinator Profile: Justin Viens

Where did you grow up and what was it like growing up there?

I am lucky enough to be teaching at the same school that I attended as a middle school student myself. After leaving the area to attend college, I ended up teaching ESL in South Korea for several years. When the time came for me to return home, the only place I could ever imagine myself returning was Fuquay Varina. I love the small town feeling and the diversity of my community. I’ve been here 25 years, and I hope to remain for many more. I couldn't think of a better community.

What are you most excited or passionate about?

I'm most excited about community service. I’m lucky enough to be the 4–H club adviser at Fuquay Varina Middle School, where I get to share my passion with my students. Our students have worked hard to create the Fuquay–Varina Community Garden, which was a program our 4-H’ers created in 2015 as a way to combat food insecurity in southern Wake County. Our students brainstormed this entire plan on their own, with only minimal input from myself. All food from our garden goes to local food pantries. I'm proud of my students for coming up with such a wonderful plan, and it makes me truly appreciate being an educator.

As you know we are always growing and learning. Is there anything you would like to take the time to learn more about?

I always wished I could speak a foreign language. I’ve spent a great deal of time traveling, and when you are able to communicate with your country’s hosts it really opens up your experiences. I’ve always thought learning a language like Korean, Arabic, or French would be interesting.

What led you to become a Site Coordinator for Adult Evening Education?

Since I grew up in Fuquay, I’ve always felt an attachment to my community. My goal with Adult Evening Education was to help spread the word about how great our school is and improving our community.

Describe a typical evening as a Site Coordinator for Adult Evening Education.

I’ll normally greet our providers and students when they arrive and make sure they have everything they need to enjoy their evening. I’m always wandering around making sure everyone has what they need.

What do you like most about being a Site Coordinator?

I’m a people pleaser, so I’m big in making sure people are happy. I get joy out of finding what people want and working hard to get it to them. As a teacher at FVMS, I get the opportunity to work with 120 students, 58 staff members, and countless parents to make our community great. I like being able to apply that enthusiasm in making Adult Evening Education work for our clients and providers.

If you could share one bit of advice you’ve learned in life, what would it be?

Travel as much as you can and always eat like the locals do.