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Sorry, no classes in this category. If you are interested in a specific class, please email us.

However, past course offerings include:

Walk the Runway in Designer Apparel
Sewing Survival Skills: How to Make Clothes Last Longer
Learn to Knit: Beginner
Introduction to Quilting
Creative Apparel
Dressmaker's Portfolio of Sewing Techniques
Sewing I: Beginner Skills
Sewing II: Advanced Skills
Beginning Sewing
Sewing: Beginning I
Sewing Decorator Touches
Hand Sewing and Repairing
Beginning Quilting
Basic Crochet
Intermediate Crochet
Sewing for the Workplace Part 1 En Español
Beginning Window Treatments
Sewing: Design Your Own Handbag
Basic Sewing Skills I
Basic Alterations I
Sewing Intermediate: Fashion Apparel
Sewing: Decorative (Home Décor) Pillows
Senior Sewing Fun
Sewing 1: Beginner Skills
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