Fees for Community Schools Community Use are determined based on the the type of use and the Non-Profit status of your group. The Fee categories below are delineated by Non-Profit status and Use Type.

Our handy Fee Finder can help you find the right fee structure for your event.

Contact Community Schools Community Use if you have questions about which category applies to your event.

Non-Profit User Groups
  • Download Non-Profit, Youth Educational
    (PDF, 12kb)
    This Fee Category applies to Non-Profit educational use through grade 12 occuring before 6pm on school days.
  • Download Non-Profit, Youth Recreational
    (PDF, 12kb)
    This Fee Category applies to Non-Profit use through grade 12 occuring after 6pm on school days or on non-school days (not including tournaments).
  • Download Non-Profit, Fundraiser/Tournament
    (PDF, 12kb)
    This Fee Category applies to Non-Profit Fundraisers, Tournaments, Productions and For-Profit Business Meetings.
  • Download Non-Profit, Meeting
    (PDF, 12kb)
    This Fee Category applies to Non-Profit Civic, Religious, Charitable Organizations Meetings, Youth Camps, Clinics, Baccalaureate (not including tournaments).
Other User Groups
Equipment Fees
  • Download Equipment Fee Table
    (PDF, 12kb)
    Equipment must be requested on the reservation request, however, not all equipment is available at all facilities.
Community Use: Fee Finder
The Fee Finder system is intended as an informational tool. Because final determination of Fee Category cannot be made until your application is processed by Community Schools Community Use and all factors have been considered, this tool and its results are not to be considered a Quote or binding promise. Contact Community Schools for more information.